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We’ve Found the Perfect Tailgate Spot

We’ve Found the Perfect Tailgate Spot | Distinctive Homes

Can you smell it in the air? Cooler temperatures, falling leaves, a big pot of jambalaya cooking… It’s the most wonderful time of the year in southern Louisiana – football season! At the Lakes at Harveston, you don’t need to go far to feel the spirit of Tiger Stadium. Here’s how you can gear up for game day from the comfort of your home.

Get in the zone.

Whether you’re looking to take a leisurely stroll along the trails at Preservation Park or pump some iron at the state-of-the-art Preservation Hall fitness center, it’s always recommended to get in the right frame of mind to set the tone for your day.

Gather your supplies.

With close proximity to a variety of grocery stores and a community garden at the neighborhood’s center, you have easy access to everything you need to feed your troops. And, if you need an extra boost of inspiration, LSU itself is less than 10 miles away!

Fire up the grill.

Nothing says “Louisiana Saturday Night” like spending time outdoors with a cold drink in hand and spicy hot sausage on the grill. Your outdoor kitchen and spacious patio make up the ultimate spot for entertaining guests. Don’t forget to break out the cornhole for a few rounds!

Cheers to victory.

Wind down the evening in your spacious living room, with the Tigers on the big screen, of course. There’s plenty of room to call the plays, start the wave and work on your touchdown dance. Then, at the end of the fourth, you can confidently raise a glass to a job well done.

Get ready for your home in the Lakes at Harveston to become the go-to for a good time all season long. If this lifestyle sounds like one you could get used to, then get in touch with us today for more details.

What is Design-Build?

What is Design-Build?

There are two types of ways that projects are delivered. One is the Traditional Project delivery and the Design-Build Project Delivery.

Traditional Project Delivery

Working through this process, the owner will manage two separate contracts between the designer and contractor. If a problem were to arise or something needs to be changed, you will have to navigate between the two looking at cost overruns or changes to the schedule. This all leads to more money and additional time for the project. Often, owners don’t want to be caught in the middle of a potential adversarial position between the contractor and the designer.

Design-Build Project Delivery

In this scenario, the owner manages only one contract and has only one point of responsibility. Here, the designer and the contractor work together from the very beginning to make sure any project recommendations fit the owner’s budget and schedule. If there is a change, the entire team collaborates to problem-solve and innovate. Many people believe that a better way to design and build is from an integrated design and construction process, not segregated services. That way, there is no finger-pointing at the end of the day. Research has shown that Design-Build is not only faster, but it’s delivering projects with better turnover. It is delivering projects with more efficiency.


Many more American’s are choosing the Design-Build process due to it minimizing the owner’s risk; it helps save on cost, it’s faster, has more innovation and results in a higher quality project. If you have any questions on Design-Build or if you’re ready to start your new home journey with one of Louisiana’s best custom home builders, give us a call at (225)751-0499 or email us at

How to Fall in Love With Your Bedroom

How to Fall in Love With Your Bedroom

You’re in your bedroom quite a bit. Do you ever feel like you aren’t loving what you have going on in there? Think about it. Does your bedroom feel unwelcoming? One way to think about it is how would you prepare a room for a guest or, better yet, what if YOU were the guest. What would you want to see in that space? Or what wouldn’t you want to see in that space?  

Would you trip over piles of clothes on the floor? Would you have to move the laundry from the bed to the floor? We’re willing to be the answer to these questions would be no. BUT what if we treated ourselves as we would treat a guest? Thinking about that and incorporating that into your room will make it a haven for you every day. Follow along from one of the top baton rouge home builders, Distinctive Homes, in how to fall in love with your bedroom. 

Are You Tired of the Same Old Look?

Are you bored with the look of your room? If you’ve had the same bedding, same rug, same wall color, same curtains, you name it, it’s time to refresh your bedroom. Swap out the art, put some new furniture in or switch it out with another room. Something as simple as getting a contemporary nightstand can start to make it feel like a whole new room.

Is Your Bedding Boring?

A lot of designers suggest mixing in more layers and textures. If you have matching bedding, mixing things up can dramatically spruce up the room. Add a chunky knit blanket or a bold throw with fringe. Textured pillows can do more for a room than you can imagine. 

More Rest. Less Stress

If you keep mail, bills and to-do lists in your room, guess what? It won’t be serene, restful or inviting. Keep the stressful things out of the bedroom. Designate a new area for necessities.

Set the Mood

…And what we mean by setting the mood is set the mood lighting. Lighting is essential to a bedroom. Consider installing a dimmer switch or a three-way light switch.

Let the Air in

Your bedroom should feel fresh and clean. If you haven’t had the windows open or the room cleaned a while, chances are it’s feeling a bit stuffy—time to clean it from top to bottom. Get under the bed and wipe down all surfaces and throw open those windows and let the fresh air in. 

Where you lay your head is your home and your bedroom is your sanctuary. Whenever you feel like you’re bored with how it looks, it’s time to refresh and start anew. You’ll be amazed at what that can do for you psychologically. To meet with one of our team members and see why we have been called one of the best home builders in Baton Rouge call us at (225)751-0499 or email us at

New Custom Built Home Trends for 2021

Distinctive Homes | New Custom Built Home Trends for 2021

We’ve been home so long due to COVID that never before have we understood the value of comfort in our homes. If there’s one thing we’ve learned this past year, spending time with our families has given us a profound perspective on what comfort means. Many of us are working from home while our children are virtually learning. All of this time at home has made us ask ourselves what is most important IN our homes. As we move into 2021, work from home appears to be a trend that may stay for quite some time. Here are several Custom Built New Home Trends for 2021.

Sweat Sweat Sweat:

It’s been a trend for quite some time, but the home gym and workout spaces will continue to rise this year. You can’t turn on the TV today and not see a commercial for Peloton or some other workout gear. People are avoiding the gym and opting to get in shape at home, especially when the weather isn’t cooperating. So when it comes to putting together your floor plan, make sure you have the home gym drawn up.

The Heart of the Home:

Large open spaces will begin to trend down moving forward, but one that will never change and will be the most desired place in a new home is a large, open kitchen. This past year, the kitchen became the heart and soul of our homes and will continue moving forward. Families want a multi-functioning, large space that allows a spot for the kids to be doing their homework or playing a game at the island while mom or dad prepare a meal at the same time.

Home Sweet Office:

We all know what WFH means today and it’s becoming more of the norm. Looking at this year and perhaps beyond, nearly half of the American workforce will be working from home. This means families need to have a designated workspace or office for privacy and a neutral background for all of our Zoom meetings.

Step Outside:

Having an outdoor space has always been an important place for a home, but like many new home trends due to the pandemic, outdoor living space has become more important than ever. We’ve seen outdoor kitchens, dining spaces and living rooms become more and more common. These spaces give many more places to enjoy as we tend to spend more free time at home. When building this out, never forget to include an outdoor sound system, television and wet bar to entertain your friends and family.

Smart Homes:

Smart homes and technology continue to be on the rise and this will continue throughout the year. Smartphone home integration and automated lighting are widespread now. Voice-activated features on appliances and touch-less faucets and toilets will continue to rise moving forward.

Other trends for 2021 include: areas for gardening, large laundry rooms, large master bathrooms, and dedicated playrooms. While 2020 was a difficult year, it shed light on updates that can make your custom home a refuge. To meet with one of our team members or tour one of our homes, call us at (225)751-0499 or email us at

Decorating Styles For Your Living Room in 2021

Distinctive Homes Blog image - Decorating Styles for your Living Room in 2021

The best place to start is to think about how many people you will need to fit in your living room regularly. Knowing this will help you choose the right living room furniture.

So, what should I put in my living room?

Do you have a large family? If so, you will need a larger sofa and a couple of armchairs, so everyone has a comfortable area to sit. 

If your space is relatively tight, consider bean bags and poufs as a way to sneak in extra seating. They can be stowed away easily when there are fewer people in the house. 

If you are a person who likes to entertain in your living room, it’s a good idea to have a few lightweight side chairs handy. They can be moved into more social arrangements when your guests visit. Small side tables are another handy addition, giving your guest a place to put their drinks. 

How should I set up my living room furniture?

This truly depends on your living room’s size and what you plan on commonly using the room for. If you have a small living room, it may require you to place furniture against the walls to give your guests enough space to move about without having to navigate a lot of furniture, not to mention banging their shins on a coffee table or, much worse spilling wine on your rug. 

Ideally, it would be nice to give your guests about 1.5 to 2 feet to allow for a smooth traffic flow. 

If you have more space to play with, bring the furniture away from the walls to create more seating areas. Make them cozy. This idea is excellent in more open-plan living spaces. Zone it out and to keep the relaxing areas calm from a lot of foot traffic. If your sofa is older or the back is not much to look at, put a low console table behind it and decorate it with objects you’d like to showoff. 

Don’t forget the rug. A good rug can help those zoned areas stay more calm and intimate. It’s good to keep the front legs of the sofa and chairs on the rug, leaving the back legs off to give mismatched furniture a more unified feel.

If your primary TV is watched in the living room, it goes without saying that the seating should not be too far away from the television. Nobody wants to squint while watching their favorite show. Not having a TV in the living room give you the freedom to choose more pleasing focal points, whether it’s a fireplace or a chair or table that makes a statement.

Another thing to consider is if you do have a TV in your living room and don’t want it to show when guests are over, you can always hide it behind the doors of a nice TV cabinet.

Where would I store my objects?

We are not exaggerating, but good storage is almost as good as layout. You don’t want clutter building up by everyday use. Consider coffee tables with drawers for keeping remotes out of sight. Footstools that open up are a great place to store blankets and throws. Open shelving is excellent for books and ornaments, but it’s also useful to have some drawer or cupboard storage, where you can hide things like laptops or anything else you want to be tucked away. 

What are the color trends for 2021? 

You can never go wrong with muted tones like gray, but if you want to be on-trend, shades of green are the way to go. If you want a more playful look, consider pastel shades like lime green or Minion yellow. Orange is another popular color in 2021. Consider orange and pumpkin. When you choose paint colors, you need to consider the furniture and textures already in the room. You want to show color combinations that will inspire you. Perhaps the best rule of thumb for picking a color is to keep it simple and cozy. Don’t get too complicated. 

How should I light my living room?

Living rooms have a lot going on in them, so they need lighting for everything you plan to do in there. First, you’ll need a general light source, such as a ceiling pendant light that will light the room at darker times of the day as people mill about. 

Table lamps and wall lights give off a softer glow when it’s time to relax. We’re big fans of adjustable reading lamps next to cozy chairs that help you focus on your book rather than bug other people in the room.

For more formal living rooms, decorative lighting is a great idea to impress. A designer chandelier or a statement lamp is a great way to draw attention. If you are an art lover, accent lighting or a picture light will hold attention to your favorite work of art. Also, consider installing dimmer switches to control the level of light to suit the time of day and the mood you’re trying to achieve.

Now’s the best time to dive in and get your living room ready for the new year. To meet with one of our team members or tour one of our exquisite homes call us at (225)751-0499 or email us at

10 Ways to Enjoy Your Yard This Holiday Season

10 Ways to Enjoy Your Yard This Holiday Season | Distinctive Homes

The shorter days and colder weather are by no means a time to hunker down indoors. These are perfect days to get outside, enjoy some fresh air, and spend some time with family in your quiet piece of heaven. Here are 10 ideas for getting out and unwinding this holiday season.

1. Get Festive

Let everyone know you’re in the holiday mood by adding garland around your front entrance or window sills. Hang a wreath. Don’t just do it on your own – bring your family outside and watch everyone get in the spirit.

2. Get Cozy Around the Fire

We all know that there’s usually a big holiday meal on the way, so why not get outside beforehand and enjoy the fresh air around your fire pit. Bring a glass of wine, some appetizers and a few warm blankets to wrap around you, because when you step back inside for that wonderful meal, the house will feel even more inviting. Even if you don’t have a fire pit, then you can still head outside and get cozy with your blankets on your patio.

3. Take A Stroll Around Your Garden

Listen, we get it. The holidays can be stressful. So why not get outside and take a stroll to calm your mind. Don’t think of this as a time to do chores and start planting or cleaning up the garden. This is time to have a different experience and relax. Make it new. Look at the way the light touches the leaves or how the birds are searching for food. Breathe and relax.

4. Take Dinner Outside

If it’s a nice day or if you have an outdoor space heater, why not enjoy your meal outdoors. Have fun with it and make it an occasion. Fix some soup, bring out the pillows, light some candles, pour some drinks, and get festive. It will surely be an evening you’ll want to repeat.

5. Get Distracted in Your Greenhouse or Garden

If you’re looking to get out of the house (or if you need a break from your relatives), then head outdoors and take care of some of the things you put off. Organize your tools, put away the potting soil, organize your seeds for the spring garden. Or why not just grab a good book and a cup of tea and have a little you-time. Trust us, come spring, you’ll feel so much better.

6. Hey Birdie Birdie

One of the most relaxing things you can do to take a break and enjoy your yard is to head out and enjoy the wildlife that is all around you. Take a pair of binoculars and look for the birds that visit you throughout the year. You may even see a few migrating birds. To make the experience more enjoyable, put out food sources and water. Name your wildlife visitors, watch how they interact. You’ll be looking out for them the next time!

7. Who Wants Dessert?

If you have little ones who have been cooped up all day, why not lure them outside with s’mores? That will for sure sweeten the deal. Make sure you stock up on marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers. Put them in your pantry as an easy fallback.

8. Look for Decorations

Instead of hitting up a garden center for your holiday decor, why not head out to your own yard to look for seasonal arrangement. Look for fallen branches and dried leaves or peeling bark to create a simple wreath, ornaments or garland. We’d love to know what you make so please share with us!

9. Make A Path In Your Yard

When the weather gets chilly, it can often be challenging to get people to get outside. Why not lure them out there. Place luminaries across your lawn in the form of a pathway that will lead them to a cozy and comfy setup. Place chairs around a fire pit or around an outdoor heater and serve up some hot drinks or desserts.

10. Dress Up The Doorway

When it gets chilly out, taking on an outdoor project can seem too ambitious. Make it simple. Get some containers and make them festive for not too much time, effort, or cost. Get some cut branches like dogwood, spray paint them, stick them into the soil by your front door, and add decorations.

There’s rarely an excuse not to get outside and enjoy your yard. It brings people together in such a unique way and gives your perspective on what truly matters. Friends. Family. Slowing down. Relaxing. We hope you take some time to get outside and relish what your yard has to offer. To meet with one of our team members or tour one of our homes, call us at (225)751-0499 or email us at

6 Questions You Should Ask Before Building A House

Buying a New House

Building a home can be a daunting experience if you’re not working with the right builder. You need someone to understand not just your needs but also your wants. It would be best if you worked with a team that ‘gets’ you. Let’s take a look at some crucial questions you should ask.

1. Who will be my primary contact?  

You want to know this right away as you will have a lot of questions. Building a home can be stressful and the last thing you need is someone who is not available. You need a person who is reliable and easy to contact at all times of the build. Make sure when you decide to partner with a builder, you meet the person you will be working with and establish a trustworthy relationship.

2. How long will it take to build my home? 

It may seem obvious, but you want to make sure you have open communication regarding the build timeline. You have a lot on your mind by coordinating the move and getting everything in order. A timeline that keeps moving will only add to the stress.

3. How long have you been building homes?

Experience is everything. You want to work with someone like it’s a well-oiled machine. While it’s nice to give someone a chance, inexperience isn’t something you want when it comes to your home.

4. Can you provide some referrals of clients we could talk with about their experience?

You never want to hear, “take my word for it.” This is the most important question you can ask a builder. Knowing what someone else’s experience was like is worth its weight in gold. Ask them not only about the build but also if there were ever any headaches.

5. What was your toughest demand from a client and how did you handle it? 

This question will tell you several things about your builder. Are they client-focused or simply just building homes that they can sell quickly. Is the builder open to new ideas? Are they friendly? The relationship between you and your builder must be just that – a relationship.

6. How do you handle obstacles and delays?

In the course of building a home, delays and obstacles can happen. One of the most important considerations is how the builder deals with challenges and how they communicate with their clients. Asking this question might give you insights into the quality of the builder.

When you ask these questions, you should feel a lot more confident about which builder to go with and feel inspired as you go on this journey. To meet with one of our team members and tour one of our homes, call us at (225)751-0499 or email us at

5 Kitchen Remodeling Tips Everyone Should Know

Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Did you know that homeowners spend more money on kitchen remodeling than on any other home improvement project? If your kitchen remodel project is properly done, it can improve its efficiency, make the kitchen more attractive, and in turn, raise the resale value of your home.

We’ve put together some tips you should consider when planning your kitchen remodel for a space that is both functional and easy to work and live in.

Natural Light

Many homeowners do not have windows coming into their kitchen area. The kitchen and living room are the most lived-in areas of your home. If anyone were to reminisce about their childhood or anytime growing up, your memories would more than likely take place in a kitchen or family room. Making these rooms warm and inviting by adding windows is one of the most important things you could do for your home.


Openness goes hand in hand with the natural light. There should be an open flow between the kitchen and living room areas. This has now become an expectation in a home that buyers are looking for. Members of the family want to be able to visit and be a part of the activities while the cooking and preparing of the meals are taking place.


Although granite has been popular recently,  you should consider choosing a stone that is more reliable, like Quartz, for its longevity. Because Quartz is not porous and doesn’t scratch or stain, this is an investment for you and your family that will go a long way.

Larger “Breakfast” Island

This area of the kitchen somewhat “ties” the kitchen into the living area. This island is becoming a big family gathering spot. It is easier for some family members to visit or enjoy snacking on a meal while cooking and preparing is going on. This is an easy place to sit and gather quickly if you only have a few minutes. The breakfast island is quickly taking the place of the formal kitchen table.

Cabinetry Design

Older kitchens that have cabinetry that stops short of the ceiling have the downfall of missing out on additional storage space. While the lighting is affected, it is also collecting dust. Bring your cabinets all the way up to the ceiling for an updated design. Also, make sure your cabinets are not obstructing the flow of conversations and gatherings.


Before you dig into your remodeling project, know your priorities so you can focus on spending where it’s most important. Distinctive Homes has been building quality homes in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas for more than 17 years. If you have any remodeling questions or would like to learn more about our services, please visit our website or call today at (225) 751-0499.


Introducing: The Lakes at Harveston – Lifestyle and More

The Hartcourt

Are you searching for a new home that offers privacy and proximity to nature without sacrificing easy access to community and city life? The Lakes at Harveston in Baton Rouge, Louisiana offers all of this and MORE! The Lakes at Harveston is a neighborhood with nature and community at its center. Within this new hotspot, Distinctive Homes is offering five plan options designed for parties, for peace and quiet and for everything in between. Here are some of the many perks that the community has to offer:

  • Preservation Park – an upscale natural park that features a multi-use trail system
  • Preservation Lodge Community Center – inside is a state-of-the-art fitness center, a spacious room with theater-style seating, fully equipped kitchen, and many gathering rooms
  • Community pool and shaded patio area along with an outdoor cooking area
  • Community lakes and gardens
  • Ongoing neighborhood events that each resident can take advantage of, like community-wide hikes and food truck roundup nights

If you’re looking to blend lifestyle, community and nature into a truly one-of-a-kind neighborhood experience, then this is the neighborhood for you. The 5 model homes in this community are The Maybrook, The Harcourt, The Manchester, The Grandview and The Windermere. If you’d like more detailed information about each of these model homes, please visit here

The Maybrook

3 bedrooms, 2 ½ baths

The Grandview

3 bedrooms, 2 ½ baths

The Manchester

3 bedrooms, 3 baths

The Harcourt

3 bedrooms, 3 baths

The Windermere

3 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths

The Lakes at Harveston in Baton Rouge blends indoor and outdoor spaces to create a community inspired by nature. If you are interested in living in this neighborhood, please contact us today by visiting our contact page or call (225) 751-0499 to speak with a representative on our team. For updates, latest listings and more, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Inniswold Estates


At the intersection of location, style and quality and, quite literally, on a large corner lot near Bluebonnet and Jefferson, Distinctive Homes has an available, new standout property in Inniswold. Everything about this home is large, and the office, laundry room and the foyer (24 feet in height) are certainly no exceptions. Private and with promising space to grow, this house is sure to fit the needs of your family on both a functional and stylistic level.

Take Note of the Transitional Style

Our newest Inniswold home takes full advantage of quality new construction and an approach to transitional style that’s hard to find anywhere else in the Greater Baton Rouge area. Innovative, forward-thinking design is a one reason why Distinctive Homes has its reputation. Transitional style is a marriage of traditional and contemporary furniture, finishes, materials and fabrics equating to a classic, timeless design. Furniture lines are simple yet sophisticated, featuring either straight lines or rounded profiles. So why does that matter? Well, it means your home is fitted with a design that has longevity as well as tasteful touches that make it noticeable and noteworthy to neighbors and party guests alike.

Space All to Yourself: A Secluded Master Suite

Between the closet, bathroom and bedroom, this master suite feels like a home in and of itself. With enough space and sunlight in the master bedroom to inspire relaxation, you’ll experience comfort without question. Retreat from the day-to-day household commotion is as near as the next room. Seriously. This master bathroom is like your own day (and night) spa — complete with a chandelier, a wide double vanity, a freestanding soaking tub and beautiful stone backsplash throughout. And when it’s time to venture out into the world, the master closet has enough shelving, hanging racks, built-ins and quartzite counters to make getting dressed the best part of your day.

This Home is All About Kitchen, Living and Entertaining Areas

Area for entertaining cannot be understated. Hardwood floors and tall windows welcome guests into the heart of the home. The floor plan design features an open flow between the kitchen and living room to keep parties fluid and reduce crowding around the sink, tables and countertops. In fact, this kitchen is supplied with an oversized 10 ft island with a quartzite countertop. As if that weren’t enough serving area, a quartzite-topped serving counter runs the length of the kitchen wall.  Extend the living space by opening up the doors to the patio. You won’t want to pass up the chance to show off that outdoor kitchen and double-sided fireplace. When the party’s over, there’s plenty of storage within the kitchen’s custom cabinetry.

See the Home Via Virtual Tour

A few paragraphs only say so much because there’s truly so much you’ll see in this home that will catch your eye. Explore all four bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms, and check out every inch of this home’s 3774 sq ft. of living space. Take the virtual tour here.