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10 Ways to Enjoy Your Yard This Holiday Season

10 Ways to Enjoy Your Yard This Holiday Season | Distinctive Homes

The shorter days and colder weather are by no means a time to hunker down indoors. These are perfect days to get outside, enjoy some fresh air, and spend some time with family in your quiet piece of heaven. Here are 10 ideas for getting out and unwinding this holiday season.

1. Get Festive

Let everyone know you’re in the holiday mood by adding garland around your front entrance or window sills. Hang a wreath. Don’t just do it on your own – bring your family outside and watch everyone get in the spirit.

2. Get Cozy Around the Fire

We all know that there’s usually a big holiday meal on the way, so why not get outside beforehand and enjoy the fresh air around your fire pit. Bring a glass of wine, some appetizers and a few warm blankets to wrap around you, because when you step back inside for that wonderful meal, the house will feel even more inviting. Even if you don’t have a fire pit, then you can still head outside and get cozy with your blankets on your patio.

3. Take A Stroll Around Your Garden

Listen, we get it. The holidays can be stressful. So why not get outside and take a stroll to calm your mind. Don’t think of this as a time to do chores and start planting or cleaning up the garden. This is time to have a different experience and relax. Make it new. Look at the way the light touches the leaves or how the birds are searching for food. Breathe and relax.

4. Take Dinner Outside

If it’s a nice day or if you have an outdoor space heater, why not enjoy your meal outdoors. Have fun with it and make it an occasion. Fix some soup, bring out the pillows, light some candles, pour some drinks, and get festive. It will surely be an evening you’ll want to repeat.

5. Get Distracted in Your Greenhouse or Garden

If you’re looking to get out of the house (or if you need a break from your relatives), then head outdoors and take care of some of the things you put off. Organize your tools, put away the potting soil, organize your seeds for the spring garden. Or why not just grab a good book and a cup of tea and have a little you-time. Trust us, come spring, you’ll feel so much better.

6. Hey Birdie Birdie

One of the most relaxing things you can do to take a break and enjoy your yard is to head out and enjoy the wildlife that is all around you. Take a pair of binoculars and look for the birds that visit you throughout the year. You may even see a few migrating birds. To make the experience more enjoyable, put out food sources and water. Name your wildlife visitors, watch how they interact. You’ll be looking out for them the next time!

7. Who Wants Dessert?

If you have little ones who have been cooped up all day, why not lure them outside with s’mores? That will for sure sweeten the deal. Make sure you stock up on marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers. Put them in your pantry as an easy fallback.

8. Look for Decorations

Instead of hitting up a garden center for your holiday decor, why not head out to your own yard to look for seasonal arrangement. Look for fallen branches and dried leaves or peeling bark to create a simple wreath, ornaments or garland. We’d love to know what you make so please share with us!

9. Make A Path In Your Yard

When the weather gets chilly, it can often be challenging to get people to get outside. Why not lure them out there. Place luminaries across your lawn in the form of a pathway that will lead them to a cozy and comfy setup. Place chairs around a fire pit or around an outdoor heater and serve up some hot drinks or desserts.

10. Dress Up The Doorway

When it gets chilly out, taking on an outdoor project can seem too ambitious. Make it simple. Get some containers and make them festive for not too much time, effort, or cost. Get some cut branches like dogwood, spray paint them, stick them into the soil by your front door, and add decorations.

There’s rarely an excuse not to get outside and enjoy your yard. It brings people together in such a unique way and gives your perspective on what truly matters. Friends. Family. Slowing down. Relaxing. We hope you take some time to get outside and relish what your yard has to offer. To meet with one of our team members or tour one of our homes, call us at (225)751-0499 or email us at distinctivehomesbr@gmail.com.

The Art of Distinctive Homes

The Art of Distinctive Homes

It takes more than just superior craftsmanship to make a house a home. Distinctive Homes recently partnered with local artists to help decorate our newest model home in The Preserve at Harveston, and what a difference it made! Original art is not only beautiful, but also has the power to evoke emotions, tie a space together, and create a powerful focal point for any room. Meet the talented local artists and be sure to follow them for more great art and inspiration:

Jen Pontti Artist

Jen Pontti (@jenponttiart)

Jen is a self-made artist and a single mother of two. She paints most of her work with her own two hands, carefully controlling the balance between order and spontaneity in her art. Her courage with color leaves an explosion of diverse complexion that accentuates the fine details of Distinctive Homes.

 Sharon Bailey Artist

Sharon Bailey (@sharonfbaileyartist)

Creating art since 2007, Sharon reveals a humble appreciation for the countryside in her work. Her focus has a wide range of subjects—all of them leave you charmed by the beauties of southern-style living. Her paintings bring a sense of nostalgia, even in a newly built home.

 Claire Gowdy Artist

Claire Gowdy (@clairegowdyart)

As an abstract and impressionist artist, Claire is an experienced painter. She believes that art is the strongest catalyst for emotion. Her strategically juxtaposed color gracefully implements a novel quality fit for our exclusive homes.

Laura Welch Taylor Artist

Laura Welch Taylor (@laurawelchtaylorart)

After attending the art program at LSU, Laura started her own business of wedding portraits. She also paints ceramic kitchenware, perfect for adding nuanced flare. If you ever invest in one of our homes, ask her to capture any special moment to keep the memories alive.

Allison Dillard Artist

Allison Dillard (@allison.dillard.art)

Allison is a natural talent with textured abstract art, using acrylics, pastels, and alcohol ink. She collects the simple things in nature and manifests them as simply extravagant. Her work effortlessly conveys wild splendor that patiently waits for you in our Distinctive Homes.


Want to see these artists’ work in person and experience our latest model home at The Preserve at Harveston? The Home Builders Association of Greater Baton Rouge is currently hosting this year’s Parade of Homes “Parade Your Way,” which allows you to tour beautiful homes throughout Baton Rouge’s finest neighborhoods virtually or in-person. Register for FREE by clicking here, or for more information on the Parade of Homes, follow them on Instagram or Facebook.