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6 Questions You Should Ask Before Building A House

Buying a New House

Building a home can be a daunting experience if you’re not working with the right builder. You need someone to understand not just your needs but also your wants. It would be best if you worked with a team that ‘gets’ you. Let’s take a look at some crucial questions you should ask.

1. Who will be my primary contact?  

You want to know this right away as you will have a lot of questions. Building a home can be stressful and the last thing you need is someone who is not available. You need a person who is reliable and easy to contact at all times of the build. Make sure when you decide to partner with a builder, you meet the person you will be working with and establish a trustworthy relationship.

2. How long will it take to build my home? 

It may seem obvious, but you want to make sure you have open communication regarding the build timeline. You have a lot on your mind by coordinating the move and getting everything in order. A timeline that keeps moving will only add to the stress.

3. How long have you been building homes?

Experience is everything. You want to work with someone like it’s a well-oiled machine. While it’s nice to give someone a chance, inexperience isn’t something you want when it comes to your home.

4. Can you provide some referrals of clients we could talk with about their experience?

You never want to hear, “take my word for it.” This is the most important question you can ask a builder. Knowing what someone else’s experience was like is worth its weight in gold. Ask them not only about the build but also if there were ever any headaches.

5. What was your toughest demand from a client and how did you handle it? 

This question will tell you several things about your builder. Are they client-focused or simply just building homes that they can sell quickly. Is the builder open to new ideas? Are they friendly? The relationship between you and your builder must be just that – a relationship.

6. How do you handle obstacles and delays?

In the course of building a home, delays and obstacles can happen. One of the most important considerations is how the builder deals with challenges and how they communicate with their clients. Asking this question might give you insights into the quality of the builder.

When you ask these questions, you should feel a lot more confident about which builder to go with and feel inspired as you go on this journey. To meet with one of our team members and tour one of our homes, call us at (225)751-0499 or email us at distinctivehomesbr@gmail.com.

5 Kitchen Remodeling Tips Everyone Should Know

Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Did you know that homeowners spend more money on kitchen remodeling than on any other home improvement project? If your kitchen remodel project is properly done, it can improve its efficiency, make the kitchen more attractive, and in turn, raise the resale value of your home.

We’ve put together some tips you should consider when planning your kitchen remodel for a space that is both functional and easy to work and live in.

Natural Light

Many homeowners do not have windows coming into their kitchen area. The kitchen and living room are the most lived-in areas of your home. If anyone were to reminisce about their childhood or anytime growing up, your memories would more than likely take place in a kitchen or family room. Making these rooms warm and inviting by adding windows is one of the most important things you could do for your home.


Openness goes hand in hand with the natural light. There should be an open flow between the kitchen and living room areas. This has now become an expectation in a home that buyers are looking for. Members of the family want to be able to visit and be a part of the activities while the cooking and preparing of the meals are taking place.


Although granite has been popular recently,  you should consider choosing a stone that is more reliable, like Quartz, for its longevity. Because Quartz is not porous and doesn’t scratch or stain, this is an investment for you and your family that will go a long way.

Larger “Breakfast” Island

This area of the kitchen somewhat “ties” the kitchen into the living area. This island is becoming a big family gathering spot. It is easier for some family members to visit or enjoy snacking on a meal while cooking and preparing is going on. This is an easy place to sit and gather quickly if you only have a few minutes. The breakfast island is quickly taking the place of the formal kitchen table.

Cabinetry Design

Older kitchens that have cabinetry that stops short of the ceiling have the downfall of missing out on additional storage space. While the lighting is affected, it is also collecting dust. Bring your cabinets all the way up to the ceiling for an updated design. Also, make sure your cabinets are not obstructing the flow of conversations and gatherings.


Before you dig into your remodeling project, know your priorities so you can focus on spending where it’s most important. Distinctive Homes has been building quality homes in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas for more than 17 years. If you have any remodeling questions or would like to learn more about our services, please visit our website or call today at (225) 751-0499.


Introducing: The Lakes at Harveston – Lifestyle and More

The Hartcourt

Are you searching for a new home that offers privacy and proximity to nature without sacrificing easy access to community and city life? The Lakes at Harveston in Baton Rouge, Louisiana offers all of this and MORE! The Lakes at Harveston is a neighborhood with nature and community at its center. Within this new hotspot, Distinctive Homes is offering five plan options designed for parties, for peace and quiet and for everything in between. Here are some of the many perks that the community has to offer:

  • Preservation Park – an upscale natural park that features a multi-use trail system
  • Preservation Lodge Community Center – inside is a state-of-the-art fitness center, a spacious room with theater-style seating, fully equipped kitchen, and many gathering rooms
  • Community pool and shaded patio area along with an outdoor cooking area
  • Community lakes and gardens
  • Ongoing neighborhood events that each resident can take advantage of, like community-wide hikes and food truck roundup nights

If you’re looking to blend lifestyle, community and nature into a truly one-of-a-kind neighborhood experience, then this is the neighborhood for you. The 5 model homes in this community are The Maybrook, The Harcourt, The Manchester, The Grandview and The Windermere. If you’d like more detailed information about each of these model homes, please visit here

The Maybrook

3 bedrooms, 2 ½ baths

The Grandview

3 bedrooms, 2 ½ baths

The Manchester

3 bedrooms, 3 baths

The Harcourt

3 bedrooms, 3 baths

The Windermere

3 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths

The Lakes at Harveston in Baton Rouge blends indoor and outdoor spaces to create a community inspired by nature. If you are interested in living in this neighborhood, please contact us today by visiting our contact page or call (225) 751-0499 to speak with a representative on our team. For updates, latest listings and more, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

The Most Common Things People Look For in a New Home

What to Look for in a New Home

Although the housing market may have temporarily slowed down due to the pandemic, there is no excuse for sellers to skip updating their homes in need of remodeling. Many home buyers are still on the hunt, even if it means participating in virtual tours of open houses. 

According to Remodeling, a company that promotes news and advice for pro remodelers, just a minor kitchen remodel could revalue for $16,594. If that’s what you get from a minor kitchen remodel, imagine what renovations to the rest of your home could do? 

Today’s homebuyers are looking for upgraded fit and finishes for wood floors, hard surface countertops, high ceilings, lots of windows and much more. If you’re thinking about buying a home or making updates to one, this list can guide your search of the most common things people look for in a new home. 


This concept is super important and often overlooked when searching for a new home. Many people focus on resale value rather than livability. When looking for your new living space, try to picture spending quality time with family and friends while also considering what kind of liveable longevity is available to you as you grow into the space. This is especially important for first-time homebuyers.

The dictionary defines livability as “suitable for living in; habitable; comfortable.” It’s a characteristic that is different for everyone. Do you prefer being in a loud or quiet environment? Do you like natural light? Do you prefer flexible places? Do you want to be close to nature? It’s all up to you whatever you consider “livable”, and there are no right or wrong answers.

Separate Office Spaces

COVID-19 has forced almost everyone to think about potential space to work from home, so separate in-home office spaces are in high demand. We get it, many people are working from home and don’t want to be working a full workday on their sofa. Whether you’re working full or part-time in your home, there is much thought about making your working area suitable for your business while balancing family time. Having a separate office provides privacy and relaxation without all of the distractions that come with managing a household.

Outdoor Space

Many people are on the hunt for a nice outdoor space that’s complete with an outdoor kitchen area. Not only are outdoor kitchens a place to cook, but homeowners also enjoy adding their personal touch to it by implementing things like pizza ovens or fireplaces. There’s also plenty of fun ideas out there for decorating outdoor spaces as well. Items that people want in their outdoor space are overhead lighting, comfortable seating, a built-in grill, and some sort of canopy or roof. This space is truly like its own defined living area.

Master Suite With En-Suite Bath

A master suite with an en-suite bath along with a large master closet is characteristic buyers are searching for at this time. Simply put, en-suites are bathrooms that are connected to a bedroom. If the closet connects to an area, that’s an even better bonus. An en-suite is popular because of its proximity, privacy and convenience.


If you are searching for a new home, Tyler and his team of professionals have taken great pride in delivering homes, not just houses, that meet clients’ needs. Distinctive Homes’ experience and versatility can deliver what you’re searching for. To learn more about us or get more info, please visit our website or call today at (225) 751-0499.