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What is Design-Build?

What is Design-Build?

There are two types of ways that projects are delivered. One is the Traditional Project delivery and the Design-Build Project Delivery.

Traditional Project Delivery

Working through this process, the owner will manage two separate contracts between the designer and contractor. If a problem were to arise or something needs to be changed, you will have to navigate between the two looking at cost overruns or changes to the schedule. This all leads to more money and additional time for the project. Often, owners don’t want to be caught in the middle of a potential adversarial position between the contractor and the designer.

Design-Build Project Delivery

In this scenario, the owner manages only one contract and has only one point of responsibility. Here, the designer and the contractor work together from the very beginning to make sure any project recommendations fit the owner’s budget and schedule. If there is a change, the entire team collaborates to problem-solve and innovate. Many people believe that a better way to design and build is from an integrated design and construction process, not segregated services. That way, there is no finger-pointing at the end of the day. Research has shown that Design-Build is not only faster, but it’s delivering projects with better turnover. It is delivering projects with more efficiency.


Many more American’s are choosing the Design-Build process due to it minimizing the owner’s risk; it helps save on cost, it’s faster, has more innovation and results in a higher quality project. If you have any questions on Design-Build or if you’re ready to start your new home journey with one of Louisiana’s best custom home builders, give us a call at (225)751-0499 or email us at distinctivehomesbr@gmail.com