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New Custom Built Home Trends for 2021

Distinctive Homes | New Custom Built Home Trends for 2021

We’ve been home so long due to COVID that never before have we understood the value of comfort in our homes. If there’s one thing we’ve learned this past year, spending time with our families has given us a profound perspective on what comfort means. Many of us are working from home while our children are virtually learning. All of this time at home has made us ask ourselves what is most important IN our homes. As we move into 2021, work from home appears to be a trend that may stay for quite some time. Here are several Custom Built New Home Trends for 2021.

Sweat Sweat Sweat:

It’s been a trend for quite some time, but the home gym and workout spaces will continue to rise this year. You can’t turn on the TV today and not see a commercial for Peloton or some other workout gear. People are avoiding the gym and opting to get in shape at home, especially when the weather isn’t cooperating. So when it comes to putting together your floor plan, make sure you have the home gym drawn up.

The Heart of the Home:

Large open spaces will begin to trend down moving forward, but one that will never change and will be the most desired place in a new home is a large, open kitchen. This past year, the kitchen became the heart and soul of our homes and will continue moving forward. Families want a multi-functioning, large space that allows a spot for the kids to be doing their homework or playing a game at the island while mom or dad prepare a meal at the same time.

Home Sweet Office:

We all know what WFH means today and it’s becoming more of the norm. Looking at this year and perhaps beyond, nearly half of the American workforce will be working from home. This means families need to have a designated workspace or office for privacy and a neutral background for all of our Zoom meetings.

Step Outside:

Having an outdoor space has always been an important place for a home, but like many new home trends due to the pandemic, outdoor living space has become more important than ever. We’ve seen outdoor kitchens, dining spaces and living rooms become more and more common. These spaces give many more places to enjoy as we tend to spend more free time at home. When building this out, never forget to include an outdoor sound system, television and wet bar to entertain your friends and family.

Smart Homes:

Smart homes and technology continue to be on the rise and this will continue throughout the year. Smartphone home integration and automated lighting are widespread now. Voice-activated features on appliances and touch-less faucets and toilets will continue to rise moving forward.

Other trends for 2021 include: areas for gardening, large laundry rooms, large master bathrooms, and dedicated playrooms. While 2020 was a difficult year, it shed light on updates that can make your custom home a refuge. To meet with one of our team members or tour one of our homes, call us at (225)751-0499 or email us at distinctivehomesbr@gmail.com.