The Most Common Things People Look For in a New Home

Although the housing market may have temporarily slowed down due to the pandemic, there is no excuse for sellers to skip updating their homes in need of remodeling. Many home buyers are still on the hunt, even if it means participating in virtual tours of open houses. 

According to Remodeling, a company that promotes news and advice for pro remodelers, just a minor kitchen remodel could revalue for $16,594. If that’s what you get from a minor kitchen remodel, imagine what renovations to the rest of your home could do? 

Today’s homebuyers are looking for upgraded fit and finishes for wood floors, hard surface countertops, high ceilings, lots of windows and much more. If you’re thinking about buying a home or making updates to one, this list can guide your search of the most common things people look for in a new home. 


This concept is super important and often overlooked when searching for a new home. Many people focus on resale value rather than livability. When looking for your new living space, try to picture spending quality time with family and friends while also considering what kind of liveable longevity is available to you as you grow into the space. This is especially important for first-time homebuyers.

The dictionary defines livability as “suitable for living in; habitable; comfortable.” It’s a characteristic that is different for everyone. Do you prefer being in a loud or quiet environment? Do you like natural light? Do you prefer flexible places? Do you want to be close to nature? It’s all up to you whatever you consider “livable”, and there are no right or wrong answers.

Separate Office Spaces

COVID-19 has forced almost everyone to think about potential space to work from home, so separate in-home office spaces are in high demand. We get it, many people are working from home and don’t want to be working a full workday on their sofa. Whether you’re working full or part-time in your home, there is much thought about making your working area suitable for your business while balancing family time. Having a separate office provides privacy and relaxation without all of the distractions that come with managing a household.

Outdoor Space

Many people are on the hunt for a nice outdoor space that’s complete with an outdoor kitchen area. Not only are outdoor kitchens a place to cook, but homeowners also enjoy adding their personal touch to it by implementing things like pizza ovens or fireplaces. There’s also plenty of fun ideas out there for decorating outdoor spaces as well. Items that people want in their outdoor space are overhead lighting, comfortable seating, a built-in grill, and some sort of canopy or roof. This space is truly like its own defined living area.

Master Suite With En-Suite Bath

A master suite with an en-suite bath along with a large master closet is characteristic buyers are searching for at this time. Simply put, en-suites are bathrooms that are connected to a bedroom. If the closet connects to an area, that’s an even better bonus. An en-suite is popular because of its proximity, privacy and convenience.


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